Sunday, August 27, 2006

"Reclaiming" - What does it really mean?

Seeing these books still appear to be available at the official Episcopal Church Bookstore (see post below), I got to thinking about the remarks Os Guinness recently made about the influx of paganism (not Unitarianism) in the Episcopal Church, the first time a major Christian denomination has become pagan. One of the major words used by the progressive leaders of the Episcopal Church is the word "reclaiming." But after looking at the books available from the Episcopal Church bookstore and seeing where the term "reclaiming" comes from - it causes me to pause.

What does "reclaiming" really mean (as "reclaiming" the blessing) and when the new Presiding Bishop, Katharine Jefferts Schori calls Jesus our Mother in her first major address after being elected Presiding Bishop at General Convention - is she also referring to the same "reclaiming" ideology?

What does the word "Episcopalian" really mean? Episcopagan?

This is why the meaning of words is so important. If words are only metaphors that can have their meanings changed to fit the new thing that the spirit (and which spirit is that?) is doing, as the new Presiding Bishop told Time Magazine, then what does the word "blessing" really mean? When you "reclaim" the "blessing" what does that really mean? And what does the word "Christ" mean to the leadership of The Episcopal Church? It's spelled C H R I S T - and I think I know what those letters mean when you put them all together to form a word. But what if the new metaphoric meaning of C H R I S T is just another "reclaiming" of one word for another? What if C H R I S T means W I C C A N? Then "Jesus, our Mother" has tremendous meaning - tremendous meaning.

What would cause an Episcopalian to put these two books up for sale at the official Episcopal Church bookstore? And that they are still for sale, even a year after they said the would take them off (after they were busted the first time)?

Click on the headline above. While I find this rather upsetting and somewhat slytherin, it is not without merit. This isn't so much a tin foil hat alert as it appears to be a Dark Mark Alert.

Where is Dumbledore when you need him?



Alan said...

I really wish this were over the top, but even locally, there are many signs at some of our more "progressive" parishes that Christ is being used as an abreviated and acceptable term for something else entirely.

Anonymous said...

Now, "if all roads lead to God" is true then you'd choose the one which allows you to control things, wouldn't you?

After all the problem with this prayer thing, is the answer might be "no" - that Judo-Christian God is so sovern and controlling, a little red crystal for love & blue for power, wouldn't hurt, would it? Just tapping into those "currents."

After all isn't that what Israel did back in the day, when the LORD didn't live up to their expectaions, Baal seemed so much more understanding at the time.