Thursday, August 31, 2006

If the lights are on, is anyone home?

Christopher Wilkins over at the progressive website "Episcopal Majority" writes that - in spite of everything that has happened in the last three years, the emergency meetings of the House of Bishops, the formation of the Lambeth Commission by the Archbishop of Canterbury, the issuance of the Windsor Report by the Anglican Primates, the endorsement of the Anglican Consultative Council to remove voice and vote of The Episcopal Church, the actions of General Convention 2006, the organization of the New York Summit by the Archbishop of Canterbury, the call to gather in Texas of the Windsor Bishops, the gathering of the Global South primates later next month, oh but guess what - even after all this and more - "neither the Episcopal Church nor the Anglican Communion is really in crisis." Oh.

In fact, if it weren't for the Episcopal orthodox, he whines, there wouldn't be any fuss at all - we could just go on as we always have, being prophetic and listening to the spirit and doing whatever else we want to do. And oh by the way, minorities don't count, especially when they get uppity.

You know what this sounds like, don't you? I wonder if Wilkins even realizes what he sounds like. Should anyone tell him?

Episcopal Majority's Christopher Wilkins is Facilitator of Via Media USA and Vice President of Progressive Episcopalians of Pittsburgh. You can read his essay at their TEM blogsite by clicking the headline above. And don't forget where the light switch is.

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