Monday, August 21, 2006

We look to the sea, to the shores of Gallilee

Reflective mood tonight. Click on the headline above the newest video reflection at the The lament is by Bono. The photos are a collection from the last three years - a montage of images from Minneapolis to Columbus.

The sea has been on my mind as we prepare for 40 Days of Discernment. The sea has been such a part of my life and of my family's life. There is something poignant about looking out across the sea - the sea which brough the first Anglicans to Virginia almost four hundreds ago, and Virginia Anglicans now looking back across the sea four hundred years later. The front cover of the 40 Days Guidebook is a path that leads to the sea.

Farewell my friends, for many I leave
We've sailed together on the deep
Come, let us shake our hands
I'll sail no more but ship mains work for me
I'm bound above, my course is run
I near the port, my voyage done

Though we weep and lament, the world rejoices: and though we know sorrow, may our sorrow turn to joy.

We look to the sea, and to the See, and to the shores of Gallilee.


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