Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Is Bob Dylan coming to DC?

Found this tidbit in my inbox this morning:

One of the rumours from about two weeks ago was of an arena/stadium tour this Fall (October and November). Tickets are due to go on sale to the public on 9 September but there will be some kind of pre-sale in the week prior to this. So far, 18 US venues and 5 Canadian venues have been lined up - basically all over North America. Dates and sequence of shows not known yet. Try these : Detroit MI, Seattle WA, Portland OR, San Francisco CA, Sacramento CA, Los Angeles CA, San Diego CA, Denver CO, Lincoln NE, Chicago IL, St Paul MN, Madison WI, Portland ME, Boston MA, Uniondale NY, East Rutherford NY, Philadelphia PA, and Washington DC plus Vancouver BC, London ON, Ottawa ON, Toronto ON and Montreal QC. Nothing is ever certain but watch out for a tour announcement shortly.

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