Friday, August 11, 2006


It is interesting to note the most slanderous campaign against Peter Akinola. It’s obvious - very obvious - that those who slander him do not know him.

This lack of understanding, this spider web of slander from those who should know better gives us yet another clear example of what’s gone wrong with The Episcopal Church.

That these sad folks slander Peter Akinola regrettably says more about who they are then it does about the target of their scorn.

When people hurl mean-spirited accusations toward someone who seeks to serve Jesus in some of the most dangerous conditions on the planet it surprisingly reveals more about them than their target.

And that is a sobering thought.

Now those same hurlers seek to create motives to Peter Akinola that are frankly their own. I don’t find that this type of activity has any sort of theological monopoly. Hurling is hurling, no matter what side of the field we find ourselves on.

We should be mighty careful before we start hurling accusations, or we may inadvertently reveal more about our own motives and the conditions of our own hearts then someone else’s.

If Jesus were before us right now, what would we see him writing in the sand?

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