Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Time for the annual viewing of the Beatles "Yellow Submarine"

If you think you've read too many ill-willed comments over at Father Jake Blows Up the World and his buds, it's time to join in the annual viewing of "Yellow Submarine," the psychedelic adventure of the Beatles in their far-out journey to fight the Blue Meanies. Take a break from the weirdness and know how far you're gone by how much you "get" Yellow Submarine. Happy viewing. Get your copy by clicking on the headline above.



TS said...

Are Jake and his crowd the new Pharisees? Came across these quotes from liberal Catholic Andrew Greeley and thought of your Episcopalian situation:

"We can see that many of the religious ideas and movements in Jesus' time have their counterpart in our own day. The Sadducees, the corrupt, politically minded heirs of the ancient church, were an Establishment. The Pharisees were liberal reformers filled with self-righteousness and zeal.

"Even the 'situationalists' or the 'contextualists' end up almost necessarily with some new form of systematic morality, though usually one which takes a more benign view of sexual aberrations than the older systems-- a view which is in its turn often rooted in a simpleminded misunderstanding of psychoanalysis.

"[The Beatitudes have] little to do with the sloppy sentimentality of those contextualists who are bent on justifying premarital sex at any cost." (from "The Jesus Myth")

Unknown said...

Great quotes, ts. Are they the new Pharisees? That is something to ponder. I never thought the liberals would end up the Blue Meanies (all into regulations and control) and the conservatives would find more kinship with those guys in the yellow sub.

It has been an extraordinary thing to see those who say they are "inclusive" and "liberal" take the line of locking down TEC and locking up those who challenge the structures. In fact, I was called - to my face - a "radical" by one of those so-called Progressive Episcopalians.

Maybe Bob Dylan was right all those years ago when he plugged in at Newport and said farewell to the lefties. Their reaction - even back in 1965 - was anything but "liberal" and it seems that the amount of anomosity over at Jack Blows up the World is exactly that.

Great suggested readings - I'll add those to the list!


TS said...

No doubt there's definitely a "dictatorship of relativism" going on.

Funny: "Fr. jake 'blows up' the world". I noticed when Googled, his tag line refers to a "sometimes heretical" priest but the current tagline mentions no heresy. Right the first time. :)