Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Prayers for the people of Christ Church Savannah, Georgia as the Superior Court rules against them

LATER: From Christ Church Savannah:
The following text has been circulated throughout the parish, and is an encouragement for all of us: “Be watchful, stand firm in the faith, act like men, be strong. Let all that you do be done in love.” (1 Corinthians 16:13.14)

The Rev. Marc Robertson, Rector of Christ Church, stated, “God is the same God before the ruling as after the ruling. May our lives show forth that constancy as we follow Him.”
Curmudgeon has written another fine post, writing, "ECUSA's win is the law's loss, because ECUSA is allowed to act as though it is above the law -- it doesn't have to bother with deeds or declarations of trust, as does everyone else." Read it all here.

For all the clergy and people of Christ Church Savannah, we continue to remember you in prayer:


Anonymous said...

While this is the right result, I do pray that the congregation can go quickly and with the least amount of disruption to a new place and continue in their ministry. And that the Diocese of Georgia starts a new, vital congregation at Christ Church.

Sibyl said...

Disconnected from the Truth, Love and Life of God as defined in Holy Scripture is death.

There is no Life outside of Jesus Christ and the Faith of His Gospel.

Holy Spirit being God's perfect will for all people in the Diocese of Georgia, which is that all would be reconciled to You and to Your Holy Word and Commandments.

Bring all who oppose and disregard You and the Way You have established in Your Word to conviction of sin, righteousness and judgment and to repentance so that they may enjoy the life of true abundance and holiness.

Through Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit, Amen

Anonymous said...

Victory! Way to go Diocese of Georgia!

Anonymous said...

Although this court is not the major leagues, it is interesting who and what the Court saw outside of Georgia as precedents. 4th District California, South Carolina and its peculiar concern with a quitclaim filed, New York. It was not simply that Christ Church lost its bid for summary judgment but that TEC and Georgia won its. It will be state by state, Va unique with 57-9, but I fully expect that most cases will go TEC's way. There is a small cadre of attys marketing either the congregational or diocesan approach as the the "top of the hierarchy" and, as argued in South Carolina, sovereign, but, South Carolina has proffered this approach, or a nullification (see resolutions passed last week) approach before in the political realm. It didn't work in 1861 and it's not likely to work now, ACI and McCall to the contrary. It is just plain sad to see all these resources wasted on both sides. Nobody's pockets are that deep.

Anonymous said...

Well, BB, perhaps your leadership should have thought that through before they decided to try to leave and grab churches on the way out. Given the self-imposed isolation the CANA-type clergy had from their clergy colleagues prior to their big, outraged exit, and the isolationism they encouraged and enforced on their congregations from the rest of the church, is it any surprise that Duncan, Guernsey, your pal Minns, and the rest suffered from groupthink?

Anonymous said...

"Major" or not, it's the only league here that matters. And the game is likely over.

Or have you heard they'll appeal?

sophy0075 said...


Your vindictiveness, meanness, and just general nastiness nigh jumps off the screen. I will pray that God, in His everlasting kindness, will ease whatever hurt is in your heart that causes such spite.

Being a parishioner at Christ Church, I am grateful for the way my priests and vestry have sought the Lord's guidance throughout this matter. I am grateful that at Christ Church we follow the faith once given. Wherever the Lord leads us, we will follow. And if it is His will that we abandon our building to the apostates, so be it - that will not be the first time the Lord has left the temple. Read Ezekiel 9. I pity TEC and the abomination it has created in place of a biblically-based religion.

Closing Down said...

God bless you and your church, Sophy0075.

Great prayer for Anon. We join you in it.