Monday, October 12, 2009

Bob Dylan goes back to Gospel Period: Opens new tour with Gonna Change My Way of Thinking

Jesus said, "Be ready,
For you know not the hour in which I come."
Jesus said, "Be ready,
For you know not the hour in which I come."
He said, "He who is not for Me is against Me,"
Just so you know where He's coming from.

B. Dylan


raphael said...

I've always loved Dylan's songs, especially his lyrics. This rendition of Gonna Change My Way of Thinking sounds fantastic. Thank you for putting it on your website.

His voice sounds craggy and a little run down at times (referring to his Christmas album) but the power of his compositions remain.

Unknown said...

Thanks for posting, raphael. Considering that Beyond Here Lies Nothing, the album that came out earlier this year, does not have the craggy sound (and recent concerts seem to show he can turn it on and off), consensus is that he's doing it on purpose for some reason. I do think he likes to sing like some New Orelans bluesman - or the homeless guy the New Jersey police mistakenly took him to be when they, to their embarrassed chagrin, picked him up as he wandered the streets of Bruce Springsteen's hometown and thought he was nuts when he said he was Bob Dylan. He seemed to relish that whole episode (in contrast to Barry's friend in Boston) and seems to do these things on purpose.