Sunday, October 25, 2009

Late Night at the Cafe: Debut of New Dylan

Looks like he's put his "Little Tramp" back into his trunk of tricks. I don't know who this is, but he's up to something. At first I thought I thought he might be channeling Leonard Cohen, but it's hard to tell what he's mixing with his Wheaties. This is indeed a Dylan I saw hinted at the Ripken ballpark this summer in Maryland, but nothing quite like this - he's like, performing.

Charlie Sexton is back in the band after a seven year absence. Whatever's going on, this is not the Dylan I've seen for the last five years. Fun - will be seeing him soon back in Fairfax.

Here's Cold Iron Bound from two days ago in Salina, Kansas:


Travis Prinzi said...

I can't believe how clearly he's singing. This is going to merit yet another Dylan concert next time he comes around (as if I really needed another reason).

Travis Prinzi said...

By the way, I did see him do this once before, back in the mid-90s. He came out on stage at the University of Buffalo in - I kid you not - sparkling gold apparel, and for the first couple songs, he just held the mic, danced around a bit, and sang.

the diamond said...

nice change from some of the "talking" he has done instead of singing.

Unknown said...

That's a very point, diamond - he's sort crooning, isn't he?


Anonymous said...

s an article on Dylan in today's Weekly Standard:

Hope to see your commentary -- it can't say anything you haven't heard before. ;o"