Friday, April 06, 2007

Celebrating BabyBlueOnline's First Anniversary

We're joined by Jenny Noyes of the ACN, here in busy downtown Sewickley, PA at the local Starbucks. Sure are interesting characters who drop by this place - makes one think we're actually at the BabyBlueCafe! So we feel at home. Besides being on a short holiday, we're toasting BabyBlueOnline's First Year Anniversary as of April 2! Put on your tinfoil hats and pull up a chair. The Chais and Butterbeer are on the house!

Thanks to all of our wandering friends and guests who drop by the cafe - even to all our dear Anons (you know who are!) - we appreciate you all! Thank you! And let's get ready for the next year - it could be one for the history books.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations! I love this bar--oops--cafe.

Kevin said...

Boy an I in trouble ... typical male forgot to congratulate you so get flowers of a card ...

[*Sheepishly*] Ah ... Happy Anniversary BB.


Anonymous said...

Happy Blogging!

I appreciate the photo of my Sewickley office. Haven't been there since July (it's a long commute to the office from Gulfport). Glad to see you're making good use of it.