Sunday, April 29, 2007

Announcement from John Stott's Office

John Stott would like his many friends around the world to know that, having reached the age of 86 in April, he has taken the decision finally to retire from public ministry after fulfilling one final speaking engagement at the upcoming Keswick Convention in July.

He will also be moving home from his flat in Bridford Mews, London, where he has lived for more than 30 years, to a retirement community for Anglican clergy in the south of England which will be able to provide more fully for his present and future needs. Dr Stott has made this decision with the strong belief that it is God’s provision for him at this stage.

Dr Stott will greatly value your prayer for him in the challenges and opportunities involved in this transition. John Stott is also happy to reassure his friends that the Langham Partnership International (or John Stott Ministries, in USA), is well prepared to continue its work, even after his retirement.

Chris Wright took over the leadership of the organisation from John Stott in 2001, and there is now a strong team of international programme managers and other staff and volunteers all over the world making sure that the work develops strongly into the future. For further information, please visit the website Langham Partnership.

Cindy Crossley
The Langham Partnership
Tel: 01243 730 621

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