Wednesday, December 30, 2009

The Party's Over?

The indomitable Anglican Curmudgeon comments on the Covenant. From here:
ECUSA will never sign on to the Covenant, because it would have to extend the moratoria recommended by the ACC, and it will never go back on what it decided at GC 2009 with regard to abandoning those moratoria when it felt like it, and not because the rest of the Communion pleaded with it not to do so. Also, by not signing the Covenant, it will not subject itself to a declaration by the Standing Committee that its confirmation of the Rev. Canon Glasspool to the episcopate would constitute an "act incompatible with the Covenant."

Nevertheless, the other Churches that do sign on to the Covenant can still take steps that will have "relational consequences" for ECUSA if it goes ahead. And by not signing on to the Covenant as a Church, ECUSA opens up two cans of worms: (1) as the ABC makes clear, the Instruments of Communion may well invite individual Dioceses to sign on to it (as I showed in this earlier post, the individual Dioceses will have to make the decision in any event); and (2) the way will then be clear for ACNA to sign on to it.
Tip of the Tinfoil to Sarah - who rocks on! And this came to mind as we read Curmudgeon tonight:


Floridian said...

As one commenter at Stand Firm said, if Glasspool is consecrated and TEC is not decisively disciplined, the ABC will not be invited to the next Primates meeting (of the orthodox Primates, that is, the Global South, GAFCON/FCA, ACNA and other like-minded Primates) - it will be the end of the Canterbury-centered (and manipulated) Anglican Communion.

Anonymous said...

How, within the Anglican Communion, is a Province "disciplined", decisively or otherwise? I thought that one of the purposes of the Covenant was to provide a bit of an answer to that question. I think there is a possibility that Ms. Glasspool will not be consecrated, but, if she is, I don't see the merit in the idea that the Archbishop would be ostracized by other Primates.


Allen said...

The party is certainly not going to be "over" for TEC. They'll just be the annoying louts who are loud and obnoxious in the corner of the party.