Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Now Online: Bob Dylan's The Little Drummer Boy

We'll see how long this stays up:

BB OBSERVATION: The drawings in the video are in the Dylan style of art. Bob Dylan takes his sketch drawings, has them digitally printed, and he then overpaints them with gouache or watercolor. The drawings in this video look to be very much in the same style, his own style, right down to the color schemes - are they his? Frankly, the scenes seem to be taken from his own childhood.

Here's a short example of Dylan original artwork:


Rolin said...

Thanks, Mary.
That was just what I needed tonight.

Rolin said...

Goodness, has it been a whole two weeks since you posted on His Dylan-ness? You're slipping, BB.

The BBC just did an on-air review this morning (December 28) of Bob's latest album, and also mentioned his Christmas album. From their conversation:

He: "But Dylan's getting a bit old, isn't he? Almost 70, I think?

She: "Yes, I think he's celebrating that. He seems to be leaning into his gnarliness.