Saturday, December 05, 2009

BREAKING NEWS: Episcopal Diocese of Los Angeles elects partnered gay bishop

Statement from Kendall Harmon, Diocese of South Carolina on the election on the seventh ballot of a second partnered gay bishop , Mary Glasspool, this time in the Episcopal Diocese of Los Angeles:
This decision represents an intransigent embrace of a pattern of life Christians throughout history and the world have rejected as against biblical teaching. It will add further to the Episcopal Church's incoherent witness and chaotic common life, and it will continue to do damage to the Anglican Communion and her relationship with our ecumenical partners.

--The Rev. Dr. Kendall Harmon is Canon Theologian of the Episcopal Diocese of South Carolina
Read all about it here. More here.

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Lapinbizarre said...

"Kendall Harmon is a fine person, a good priest, and all that. He is also working well beyond his pay grade. Granted he is Dr., he is Canon Theologian. In reality he is only a major conservative blogger." Fr. Mark Harris