Saturday, December 19, 2009

Anglican Communion Standing Committee calls for a no vote on new Episcopal Bishop

From here - remember "gracious restraint" in Anglican-speak means "don't do it":

The following resolution was passed by the Standing Committee of the Anglican Communion meeting in London on 15-18 December, and approved for public distribution.

Resolved that, in the light of:

  1. The recent episcopal nomination in the Diocese of Los Angeles of a partnered lesbian candidate
  2. The decisions in a number of US and Canadian dioceses to proceed with formal ceremonies of same-sex blessings
  3. Continuing cross-jurisdictional activity within the Communion

The Standing Committee strongly reaffirm Resolution 14.09 of ACC 14 supporting the three moratoria proposed by the Windsor Report and the associated request for gracious restraint in respect of actions that endanger the unity of the Anglican Communion by going against the declared view of the Instruments of Communion.


Fr. Daniel Weir said...

What concerns me about the meeting of the Standing Committee is that it has been reported that the meeting was "secret" and that we will learn nothing about the meeting beyond announcements such as this one. What also concerns me is that it is hard - perhaps impossible - to find a list of members on the Communion's website. If I am going to pray for the Committee, as I was asked to last week, it would be helpful to know for whom I am praying.

BabyBlue said...

I do agree with you on both counts, Fr. Dan.


rafael said...

Gracious restraint sounds like homely advice. It does not mean anything because there are no disciplinary consequences for the consecration of a practising gay bishop.

The language of gracious restraint is designed to help institutional evangelical primates to keep their constituents in line.