Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Live Blogging the Election

10:51 McCain wins Nebraska and South Dakota - and North Dakota.

BREAKING NEWS: Barry takes Virginia. It's the first time in 44 years that a Democrat has won Virginia for the presidency. The margin is razor-thin, taking the urban areas and Northern Virginia. And of course, Our Party did not have one Ms. Clipboard of their own. Note to self: Get a clipboard.

10:33 Both Virginia and North Carolina and Missouri are still too close to call.

10:13 McCain picks up Utah.

10:06 p.m. Wyoming goes to McCain. Also Mississippi (thanks for voting Greg), and now Texas. Texas has a bunch electoral college votes.

Now we're hearing a word we haven't heard in a long time, a long time. The word is "mandate." This is going to be an interesting city, Washington, D.C. It's going to be like 1979 all over again. Only back in 1979, we were still in Hawaii.

10:01 p.m. We're still waiting to hear about Virginia, which is being reported as 50-50 right now. The Northern Virginia precincts are probably calling in now. Iowa was just called for Barry.

9:51 p.m. It looks like Senator Barack Obama will be our next president. Perhaps the spell checkers will now remember how to spell his name.

9:41 p.m. We are remembering that back in 2000 we went to sleep thinking that Al Gore would be our next president, and then woke up in the middle of night and switched on the trusty television (still working but ready for the Smithsonian) and discovered that everything had changed.

But then, Ohio went to Bush even then.

Media thinks New Mexico will go to Barry too. Now the media are out looking to play the Blame Game.

Virginia is not yet called. They are waiting for all the Ms. Clipboards to answer their cells.

9:30 p.m. McCain picks up Louisiana.

9:18 p.m. Television networks calling Ohio to Senator Obama - a major win for Barry. The networks are dusting off their bugles.

9:03 p.m. More states are calling in now from the Midwest. WI, NM, MN, MI, NY, RI all go to Senator Obama while ND, KS, WY - and Alabama all go to Senator McCain.

9:01 p.m. Instapundit has a nice graph. McCain leading in popular vote, but Barry's leading in the all-important electoral college.

8:56 p.m. With Pennsylvania no longer in play (though with a small sideline drama of a campaign protest), here are the states to watch: Georgia, Florida, Ohio, and of course - Virginia. Oops, Fox just called Georgia for McCain.

8:43 p.m. McCain's campaign has filed a formal objection to the networks' calling of Pennsylvania for the Obama campaign - but the networks could care less, apparently.

8:23 p.m. Just putting another load of wash in as more polls close and we have an update on the projections from the networks: Barry gets Pennsylvania - a major win. He also picks up all of New England, including New Hampshire, as well as New Jersey, Illinois, Maryland, and D.C. The local ABC News station believes that even though McCain is ahead in Virginia, that the counties around Richmond and Northern Virginia have not yet reported and the Ms. Clipboards were quite busy in those precincts.

McCain adds Arkansas, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Tennessee, and Alabama.

The network media are giddy, they are so excited.

7:25 p.m. We're monitoring lots of different sources tonight, with commentary. Right now we have Kentucky and West Virginia for McCain and Vermont (no surprise there) for Barry. In addition, we have McCain ahead in Virginia but with only 8% precincts reporting, we're not sure how long that will last after the fun we had this morning. Got a clipboard?

While we await for the returns, here's a musical interlude to enjoy.


Scott Gunn said...

How about "Barack" or "Obama" instead of "Barry"? Or if you want to call the Dem by a goofy name, maybe "Johnny" or "McPain" to level the playing field?

Seems like we Anglican bloggers -- while having fun, of course -- should show that we're willing to respect those with whom we disagree.

Just a thought from Taxachusetts.


BabyBlue said...

Because that's how I knew him in Hawaii.


Abram and Sarah said...

Hey BB,

Have you had a chance to read this? I think you'd enjoy a glance...


Best, SKJ

BabyBlue said...

Yes, interesting article. Actually, the idea of overturning Roe v Wade was given up years ago in favor of an incremental approach - which ironically the same approach adopted by gay activists as well. Instead of doing some kind of colossal action like overturning Roe v Wade, the idea was indeed to stem the tide of the demand of abortions and in the process change the culture of abortion-on-demand.

As you may know, I was the editor of The NOEL News for seven years for the National Organization of Episcopalians for Life (NOEL - now Anglicans for Life). During that period the shift occurred by National Right to Life to take on such topics as partial-birth abortion and other "abortion-on-demand" issues that were clearly infanticide or being promoted by Planned Parenthood as a small procedure, not the actual taking of a human life.

Also, the emphasis changed to the actual health of the mother - long a factor in permitting safe abortions (no one wants to go back to the for-profit hatchet jobs - though the "for-profit" part still exists, sadly). As more and more data came regarding the actual emotional and psychological health of the mother it became clear that this wasn't just a simple procedure like getting your tonsils out, but something far worse with long-lasting effects on the well-being of the mother who has lost her unborn child.

A major shift happened when "Roe" - the original "Roe" of "Roe v Wade" changed sides and came out for the prolife side. Once again, the emphasis shifted to the well-being of the mother (or the lack of well-being for survivors, which is what mothers became) as well as to the emphasis on the moral implications of abortion-on-demand, without restriction resulting in infanticide or worse.

It was the the National Right to Life that I first heard the story of walking by a stream and seeing a baby drowning in the stream. Of course, you jump in and save the baby. As soon as you do, you turn around and there's another baby drowning in the stream so you jump in to save that baby, only to discover that there are more and more babies drowning in the stream, overwhelming you. At some point, you pause and wonder, now what's going on upstream that's causing all these babies to be in the water? And so you go upstream to find out what's going on and stop it.

That is the emphasis of today's Prolife Movement, the emphasis of John McCain and Sarah Palin - and sadly, tragically it now appears - not Barry Obama who could only force himself to vote "present" when the partial-birth abortion bills came his way when he was in the Illinois State Senate.

Being a conservative - and brinkering on libertarian - I do not believe it is strategically wise just to expect that an overturning of Roe v Wade will solve the abortion problem in America. We don't want hackers going back to their alleys - babies and women die. We need to change the culture - to recognize that human life is at stake and when do we believe that our own difficult circumstances - and they can be very difficult - warrant the taking of an innocent's life.

Thanks for posting the article, SKJ - love you both lots!! And I am thinking that you may have a lot to celebrate tonight. ;-)


Kevin said...

Well, Scott+, you don't read BabyBlue much, do you? You see, BB is in a real special place, only egg on your face in the accusation, for she knows the next President of the United States personally.

This must have been the sweetest election for her because heads she wins, tails she wins.

BB -- -Sorry your candidate lost but congrats on the election of your school-age friend.


Scott Gunn said...

My apologies. I did not know you knew our President-elect back in the day. So Barry it is.

Kevin, thanks for your gracious correction.