Thursday, November 06, 2008

The Archbishop of Canterbury comments on the American presidential election

"It's been an amazing demonstration of the vitality of the democratic process. A record turnout. And the sense therefore that the issues in the election, the issues about the outgoing American administration, have actually stirred the moral imagination of the United States perhaps in ways that people didn't expect.

Given the sort of turnout that we have in British elections it would be quite nice to have an election that one of these days stirred the moral imagination to that extent here."

Rowan Willams,
Archbishop of Canterbury

You can hear Rowan William's remarks as he answers Ruth Gledhill's question following his William Temple Foundation address at St. James Picadilly last night by clicking below:

Read all of Ruth Gledhill's article here. Thanks, Ruth!


Anonymous said...

sigh- he can comment so quickly on the action in American politics but when is he going to comment on the action in TEC?

Katie from Georgia

Michael said...

This pathetic little man may drive me from Anglicanism all together. I can barely take him anymore.

(Don't know if I apologize for the description of my gracious lord of Canterbury. If our good hostess feels I'm out of line, she is free to strike my comment from the record, of course. Bearing in mind, I hope, that the things I said to my wife about him make this look like a picnic. If nothing else, I'm probably going to have to see if my priest can eke out a little time to hear my confession for saying what I said. Yikes!)

Hening said...

It was not a record turn out. In fact, less people turned out than the last presidential election, but since when doesn't propaganda take presidence over truth with this crowd?

If it feels good, say it.