Saturday, November 01, 2008

Tin Foil Hat Alert: "We have a new enemy and it ain't the son of Skywaker"

We thought at first that this was a masterful parody (there are many going around right now). And then we realized over tea and crumpets following the ordinations this afternoon, that the writer is serious. No, really.

Having now exhausted the possibility that The IRD is the focus of all evil for TEC, the tin foil hats are now pointing their twirling props toward the new sinister plot to take over TEC and it's called, nope, you have to wait for it: The Family.

Reminds you of some folks - or perhaps one in particular - who is nicely tucked away in his California prison cell for, well - forever. Coincidence?

Wonder why Americans are known for their witch hunts? They didn't end in Salem.

Perhaps this deserves a serious line-by-line rebuttal, but frankly we've pulled out about six bottles of Old Ogden's Fire Whiskey and put them out on the tables and yes, drinks are on the house. This might not be a bad time to order the new Ridley Special either.

And you know the CIA is going to figure into this somehow.

Yep, they're in there too.

So put on your tin foil hat, pick up your oversized mug of fire whiskey, stay away from open windows, and read forthwith, if you dare.

Click here first for helpful background music.

And then read on. We'll leave the light on for ya.


Emer of Armagh said...

These people are crazy. I am really sick of them. The Falls Church newspaper editor forgot to add that Fred Barnes is a director of IRD, but "Shadow" must have done his/her/its homework and pointed that out, as well as that Judge Bork's wife is IRD director. So, you see, BB, they're not finished with IRD, either. I love the Mustard Seed Foundation funnelling money to conservative causes. Uh, yeah, they apply for a freaking grant, and the foundation can give money to whoever they want.

Floridian said...

Check out the comment by Gina and see how Obama's crooked thuggery won him the senate seat and the Democratic nomination.

Then go to the link she posted.

This election will require fasting and prayer...truth and freedom are in jeopardy. Neither man is a hero, the position and tactics of one is evil.

Steven in Falls Church said...

Nicholas F. Benton, the author of this "news article" and the publisher of the local Falls Church "newspaper," was for years an influential member of the Lyndon LaRouche movement, including White House correspondent of the LaRouche publication Executive Intelligence Review. See here, here, and here. Benton claims to have withdrawn from the LaRouche movement, which I trust is correct, but this article demonstrates the perhaps insurmountable obstacles to the mind's recovery from the addling that must develop after being marinated in the paranoid lunatic conspiracy theories that the LaRouche movement espouses.

Anonymous said...

I know he practically (or maybe actually does) owns this little free weekly newspaper (I am a resident of Falls Church and it is dumped on my porch every Thursday) and has the freedom of speech to publish his...ideas. But I worry about those readers who might not realize that he puts his editorials on the front page as "news reporting."

Robert said...

Is this thing a real newspaper, with subscribers and all? It is hard to believe that these kind of half baked accusations and paranoid delusions could actually get published. If it did not point to someone who appears dangerously deranged, it would be funny.

BabyBlue said...

It is helpful to know the past history of this "reporter" - earlier examples of his reporting have been quite memorable, though perhaps not quite as colorful as this latest example. The LeRouche connection (while not wanting to engage in slingshot journalism) only adds to the drama. Can't even make this stuff up - which is why we thought it was a brilliant parody, at first.

Our vulnerability to the drama of "witch hunt reporting" is in fact a long-time rather American past-time - as though it died away with the Salem Witch Trials or even with Senator McCarthy is, alas, wishful thinking. Pass the popcorn. Orson Wells' historic radio production of HG Wells' War of the Worlds was a prime example of how quickly we can be duped into thinking that there are forces of darkness among us that seek to take us over from within.

Of course, sometimes that really is the case - and discerning the Real Deal from the Fake Deal takes wisdom and experience and yes, the good folks at the FBI. Whatever the case, it does make great television and occasionally, great journalism.

We again return to the "HHHB Theory" that perhaps sheds more realistic and perhaps somewhat humorous light on why people do the things they did rather than most tangled webs of conspiracy theories - even for Barry Obama and his interesting friends. Not that it may actually comfort us to know the real reason for picking certain friends for twenty years was not with the inclination of evil intentions but rather a lack of sound judgment.


Sometimes it takes great pains and dedication in unearthing a myriad of dark strategic tactics of deception with sinister plots afoot and an enormous intake of an unrestricted cash flow.

And sometimes people are just stupid.

Your call.


tjmcmahon said...


I was particularly struck by one of the responses that called for deeper investigation to (apparently) reveal the true underlying conspiracy:
"such as the AAC, the Washington Institute, the C.S. Lewis Institute, the Mustard Seed Foundation, the Three Swallows Foundation, the C Street Foundation, and the Wilberforce Foundation and tie these (and others) together."
I apologize to the writer of the letter to the editor if they intended satire. The whole article or editorial reads like satire. Truly, it really doesn't bother me if people want to link me with Wilberforce and CS Lewis, people who fund schools in the Sudan, or the AAC. No doubt, it will soon be revealed that the entire Narnia series was secretly ghost-written on +Martin Minns laptop under the pen-name ++Peter Akinola. (that last is satire, just so you know in case I am quoted on the HoBD listserve).
OK BB, fess up, when did you and the other conspirators replace all the Piskies in Virginia with conservative pod-people?

Sibyl said...

Dr. Mabuse compares TEC with the Obama movement:

Anonymous said...

Does this make me a Don, a Capo, a soldier or just a Wise Guy?