Friday, November 07, 2008


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Annie said...

This was a very good start to the day. Very, very touching. Thank you.


Kevin said...

Awe ... how sweet ...

(Duel meaning, yes I am cynical, but then I grew up in DC but also it is much more pleasant than the last few election, having something to respect in the other [first African-American or war hero] gave a path towards going together after a heated campaign)

Floridian said...

Hugs and Kum Bayah cannot fix what's wrong with our nation. The new administrations promises of 'redistribution of wealth', 'change' and 'equal rights' cannot fix this nation and culture.

Unless the real and factual problems are faced and remediation measures are based on reality, truth, integrity (small i), fact,responsibility, discipline, maturity, morality and unless God's Word and definitions of Love, Truth and Life are honored...these efforts can only fail, postpone or create worse problems down the road. We cannot break God's laws, only break ourselves and others in the attempt.

The new administration promises to have lots of Integrity (the values touted by the TEC prohomosex org: equal rights, entitlement, 'my values, feelings and desires must be gratified and affirmed whether they are Scriptural or healthy or not.') and little genuine integrity. Meeting with VGR three times is a sure sign of that.

Theirs is not a genuine spiritual integrity based on the Word of God, the real Father, Jesus, Holy Spirit - but the mixed mosiac vague convenient deity that has no basis in Scripture (except its resemblance to paganism and gnosticism) that they have concocted in the hope of a material and emotional redemption, equal rights, prosperity and good feelings.

Theirs is not a genuine emotional/mental or relational integrity is based gratification of sexual and emotional feelings, not lasting committment and honesty.

Theirs is not a genuine intellectual, legal and governmental integrity based on truth, facts, evidence in law, science and medicine, but on bending, dominating and and squelching truth, evidence, science and law for their own ends.

This administration does not promise to operate in or reward genuine financial integrity that is built by fiscal responsibility, balanced budgets, discipline, delayed gratification, self-denial that creates real financial stability and prosperity. but on vague promises of redistribution, change... but will feed on, pander to and reward a sense of entitlement, envy, greed, covetousness, sensual and emotional gratification.

We must each pray for repentance with fruit meet for repentance.

Stu said...

Let me preface my comments with the statement that I am not happy with the outcome of this election. However, one of the points Sen. McCain made on Tuesday night, was that this is the time to come together, he is right, it is. The problems we face are too big, too complex for us to walk away from; we have to be a part of the answer. Therefore if we encounter true graciousness, true listening, true respect, we must work in cooperation with one another. On the other hand if we are not met in the center, then we have a responsibility to be a real opposition party and express our objections within the framework of the system.

Tuesday night, Wednesday morning I had very mixed feelings. I believe the worse choice won. However, what gave me hope was that we, as a country, are meeting a historic change peaceably. No one has taken to the hills, there are not troops in the street, and the cry of “aux barricades” is not being heard. This makes us stronger as a county then the majority of the nations in this world. This strength will let us cope with the next few years; I believe our government structure is strong enough to with stand the stress, of our current conditions.

Anonymous said...

Stu, It's just that the libs are willing to disregard and distort, to undermine the safeguards of order and structure (kjs and her cronies ignoring Scripture and the canons of TEC; obama's illegal and immoral tactics to win the election, his threats to the Bill of Rights) that concern me.

There is no fear of God in them.

Andy said...

Here's hopes and prayers that in the ashes of this campaign season, that those elected remember/relearn the fact that this is a representative republic and they've been proxied to do the citizenry's business.

And for the love of God, we need stalwart Statesmen and not another ragtag gaggle of self-serving, perpetually sniping politicans.

Part of the Loyal Opposition until 1/21/13...


Judith L said...

When just one of my many left friends asks me why I left the left and listens to my answer, I'll take this sudden can't we all be friends seriously. In the meantime, I will continue to say not. one. word. about politics to any of them. I learned when I left the left that any expression of my political opinions led to a rupture in the relationship.