Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Cooler headers prevail: Joint Standing Committee does not take action against Southern Cone

Very good news. In fact, 815's Matthew Davies is reporting Bishop Schori as saying that "the subject has not come up." Funny how that happens. Since the Joint Standing Committee is meeting "behind closed doors" we do not know what - or what has not - actually happened. But perhaps Rowan Williams Advent Message got through. Here's an excerpt from ENS:

Presiding Bishop Katharine Jefferts Schori was among those attending the JSC meeting, which was held behind closed doors at the Anglican Communion Office and Lambeth Palace in London. She noted that a November 26 report in The Times of London newspaper, that suggested the JSC had discussed plans to discipline the Anglican Province of the Southern Cone for its recent incursions into other provinces, was untrue. "The subject has not come up," she told Episcopal News Service.


Rick Arllen said...

Muddling along or deliberate decision?

Tough call.

I'm betting on deliberate on the part of TEc to plant a marker for future exploitation so as that act seems not to be a precipitous act.

Anonymous said...

It would have been a bit silly to have attempted to discipline the Southern Cone, and then a week later the new American province is recognized as a distinct entity by the majority in terms of membership of the Communion, with Southern Cone no longer having to provide any cover.

Southern Cone would have just responded a week later that as the US dioceses no longer fell under them, they were once again Windsor compliant making Rowan look like he had forced the creation of the new province.

Floridian said...

The ACC and AC are tarnished and tainted entities. Shori/TEC, ACoC, CoE are sick provinces.