Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Strike another match, go start anew ...

Right in the middle of everything, I had to run to the airport. No internet - none, zippo. I was able to read some stuff on the trusty Sprint cellphone, and my dad e-mailed me the statement so I was able to read it on the cell while sitting in the airport in New Orleans. The plane was stuck in Chicago, there had been some sort of air traffic control "issue" that had affected the whole southeast so the plane was two hours late and I sat there not able to write. What else could I do but pray.

I did run into Bishop Stanton at the airport as well.

Thanks everyone for dropping by the cafe and expressing yourself whatever view you have or had. You are always welcome here. While I did fear a few times that the cream pies would start flying, most of you did really well. A few seemed to have a private stash of Old Ogden's Fire Whiskey and you know what happens when you tap into that. But on the whole we didn't seem to break any furniture. I guess a few plates got cracked and I think one may have even hit a wall. We'll get new plates.

I have to go back to the Real World tomorrow morning. We send a shout-out to all our friends up in Pittsburgh. And we have Bob Dylan tonight for you all (or at least until YouTube has some scheduled maintenance tonight) with the theme song of the cafe. Seems like tonight it a good time to run it.

We'll be seeing Bob Himself on Friday night in Columbia, MD. If any of you happened to be out there, maybe I'll see you there as well. Not sure if anyone has every blogged a Dylan concert before (though I did read about someone's laptop being flung through the air at one Dylan's concerts - either with joy or rage, one never knows at a Dylan concert) and then we have an ADV Council meeting over the weekend.

Good night - God bless each of you. Thanks for dropping in. And pass the Butterbeer.


Anonymous said...

BBC Radio 4 just said"traditionalist Episcopalians are expeced to set up their own church at a meeting in Chicago this week"

Kevin said...

HA! Obviously a reporter knowing ++Akinola spoke in Wheaton and something about Common Cause meeting, then combined the two without verifying.

Anonymous said...

So did you say anything to Brother +Jim? Wonder what's going through his mind as he travels to Africa?

Unknown said...

Yes, Bishop Stanton and I talked - off the record, though. What I can tell you is that as we were talking, a courier - a young student-aged man - came in with human transplant stuff (or as Bishop Stanton said rather clearly, someone's new eyeballs) and asked Bishop Stanton (not having a clue who he is) if he could hold his place in line to the ticket counter because he was afraid his car was going to be toed. Bishop Stanton was quite concerned for him and obliged. There was something somewhat - for lack of a better word - surreal about contemplating the end of The Episcopal Church as we've known it while someone, somewhere is waiting for new eyes. Somethings, friends, we just can't make up.