Friday, September 21, 2007

Press Conference with the Archbishop of Canterbury

UPDATED (see below).

Here are excerpts from this afternoon's press conference with Rowan Williams. It was taken from my Mac iSight into the PowerMac laptop. My question is asked at the end. What I would suggest you do, however, is watch the body language very carefully - it might tell you more then anything anyone else asks or says. What do you think?

LATER: Note that Rowan Williams will not say It That Shall Not Be Named. Can you figure out what "place" or "event" whose name he will not say? He even stops himself at one point from saying it. What is it?


Br_er Rabbit said...

Am I imagining, or did I see him, after he used the most hallowed words of TEC, (i.e., "baptismal covenant", did he not look over to the PB for a nod of approval?

Good lad, +Cantuar, you did that very well.

Douglas LeBlanc said...

The context of the moment seems clear enough to me: The Archbishop is not entirely familiar with how "baptismal covenant" gets tossed around as a catch phrase in The Episcopal Church, and he's simply checking with the Presiding Bishop for some confirmation that he has described it accurately.

KC said...

I was rather interested in the body language of some of the other people at the table -- BB, can you tell us the id's of the others, after KJS?

thanks for all your great work! Be sure and find some moments of comic relief, too :)


BabyBlue said...

The other bishops at the table are Bishop Duncan Gray of the Diocese of Mississippi, Bishop Charles Jenkins of the Diocese of the Diocese of Louisiana, and Suffragan Bishop Catherine Roskam of the Diocese of New York.


Br_er Rabbit said...

Twenty-nine days hath September...