Thursday, September 20, 2007

Setting the Scene ...

Below are photos of where the House of Bishops are meeting in New Orleans:

This is the entrance to the International Continental Hotel, a large and modern "Conference Center" type of hotel where the bishops are meeting with the Archbishop of Canterbury as I write this.

This is the entrance into the hotel and "Pete's Pub" which may come in handy.

This is the stairwell up to the House of Bishops meeting room. It reminds me of the staircase at Twelve Oaks in Gone With the Wind.

This is where the "Bishop's Spouses" are meeting (though there are still those around here that call them "Bishops Wives"). But those days are long gone, in more ways than one. The spouses are in the room having a party.

This is outside the House of Bishops where they check in. Behind the closed glass door is where they are meeting right now with Rowan Williams.

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Kevin said...

I realize the camera is probably a stock digital instead of professional one with a good Sunpak flash on it ...

However, I must say my impression is, "Wow, what a gloomy place!"