Sunday, September 30, 2007

A Special Tour of the Cathedral at Durham

Father Roderick, a Catholic priest from Holland, visits England and takes us for a little tour of Durham Cathedral. Enjoy!


Anonymous said...

LOL, I see why this interested you BB.

JP said...

Lovely to see this, BB. I lived in Durham for 10 years and sang in the cathedral choir for much of that time - and my wife and I were married there.

You probably already knew that the cathedral features quite strongly in the first two Harry Potter films - lots of the interior of Hogwarts was filmed in and around the cathedral precincts and even in the roof spaces of the church itself. And the exterior shots of the school feature the very distinctive west towers of the cathedral, albeit with some rather bizarre spires placed on top of them.

Have a look at the cathedral website if you haven't already done so!