Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Tuesday Night at the Cafe: Here is Love

For SJ.


David Wilson+ said...

BB, you are the bomb!

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. My absolutely favorite hymn. I first heard it in 1997 at an Alpha training led by Sandy Millar and Nicky Gumbal in the Diocese of Pittsburgh done by a few of the Alpha team musicians from HTB.

Who does this rendition? It is awesome!

David Wilson

BabyBlue said...

It's from Sydney, Australia - from the CD Bring On The Day (2007) Garage Hymnal From Reason Music.

Here's the info:

Original words by William Rees (1802-1883)
Translated from Welsh by William Edwards, 1900
Original music by Robert Lowry, 1876
This arrangement by Alex Yim, 2006
Vocals: Patricia Leong
Guitars and programming: Joe Hardy
Keyboards: Alex Yim
Bass: Rod Towner
Drums: Michael Hardy



I too first learned the song while going through Alpha Regional Advisor Training at HTB in London. It's in the Alpha Worship booklet. Just sort of sums everything up. ;-)

Thanks for posting - big day tomorrow.