Monday, May 05, 2008

The Anglican Primate of the Southern Cone speaks to the Diocese of San Joaquin

You may also want to read Gregory Venables address to the Diocese of Ft. Worth here. He comments on Anglicanism and answers questions to the Diocese of San Joaquin here.
Every Primate’s meeting, we produce a letter. Starting in Brasil, in the spring of 2003, when Gene Robinson was nominated in New Hampshire, we said, “don’t do it.” In London after his election, we said, “Don’t do it.” In Dromantine in February of 2004, we said, “Don’t do it.”

Your presiding bishop walked away from the meeting without telling us he did not agree and did it anyway. We said, “Why didn’t you talk to us about it? Did you understand what we were saying to you?”

He responded, “Yes, I did.”

We asked, “Did you tell the people in the U.S. what we said?”

He responded, “No.”

-The Most Rev. Gregory Venables
May 3, 2008


Kevin said...

Good stuff!!

Anonymous said...

What the heck is the southern Cone? ...the Cone of Silence, related to the Cone that provided background for Rev. Wright, or something out of Star Trek?