Tuesday, May 06, 2008

BabyBlue Overview


Jill C. said...

Interesting collection of images, BB. I dig the symbolism of some more than others. Would love to sit and drink coffee with you and have you explain further how it all comes together. Thanks be to God for artistes! ;)

BabyBlue said...

Thank you, jill. The images have all appeared at the Cafe and yes, each has a story to tell. ;-)

The idea comes from influences from two people - Dylan and Rowling. Over the years as we tried to guess the mysteries of Harry Potter, J.K. Rowling would put hints - as any good mystery writer does - in her text by using juxtaposition. So it's been fun to take an image and juxtapose it with a story or idea. Dylan does similar things with his music - but he takes even further. He will take images and juxtapose them against other images in his lyrics and his music. A serious song may sound happy-go-lucky (like his recent "Someday Baby" - which is just as serious as one can get, but the tune is anything but).

Here at the Cafe, I've had fun with images. There are times - as long-time regulars here have learned - where we may post an image or a song when we are not in a position to say too much. Or sometimes we'll comment on something with the use of the image, rather than writing a full-blown commentary because we're off to catch a train.

But as in Dylan's work - the audience brings much to the story and it's not just up to what I think the images mean, but what you do as well - and that's what would make it fun to sit around with our cups of coffee and talk about they mean or what stories they were originally placed with. Sometimes it was humorous - and sometimes it was not.


Kevin said...

Many images are probably references to a time or a story. The background music is even from a banter between two people on either side of these issues but united over music. So some of the "uninspiring" images may be less symbolism as allusion to events or posts.

I remember too many of these, I guess I must enjoy the coffee ;-)