Sunday, May 18, 2008

The Quiet Before the Storm ...


Georgia said...

BB, I could not survive this mess without your awesomely beautiful inspirational musical and photographic offerings as analysis and comments.

With deepest gratitude,

Georgia said...

'Scuse me, I meant to say, 'as well as your' analysis and comments. - GA

Kevin said...

The term "fight song" origins are from songs used by armies as they prepared themselves for the upcoming battle. In times of extreme unpleasantness in our nations history one side might sing "Dixie" while the Union forces might sing Battle Hymn of the Republic around their respective camp fires preparing for what was to come.

While the Battle Hymn talks about God's ultimate judgment (which could be a tad harsh when talking about your brothers), the tune is recycled twice, many know it's from "John Brown's Body" but that is itself set to the tune of "Say, Brothers, Will You Meet Us"

Say, Brothers

(1st verse)
Say, brothers, will you meet us (3x)
On Canaan's happy shore.

Glory, glory, hallelujah (3x)
For ever, evermore!

(2nd verse)
By the grace of God we'll meet you (3x)
Where parting is no more.

(3rd verse)
Jesus lives and reigns forever (3x)
On Canaan's happy shore.