Sunday, May 11, 2008

Pentecost Surprise: Episcopal Diocese of Connecticut Sues Bishop Seabury Church

From here:

Episcopal Diocese sues for control of Groton church

Connecticut's Episcopal Diocese has filed a lawsuit against the leadership of the Bishop Seabury Church, demanding it turn over control of the church property after voting to leave the national church in a dispute over theology and the appointment of a gay bishop.

The Rev. Ronald Gauss was suspended by the church May 3, when it appointed another priest, the Rev. David Cannon, to take over at Bishop Seabury. Rev. Gauss and 12 former and current church leaders were served this week with the lawsuit, which was filed in Superior Court.

Read the rest here. By the way, it does look like the Diocese is cultivating a close relationship with their Hartford newspaper, feeding them features and press releases and touch-feely stories about the bishop's flunky being locked out of a church that's not his. Groton, however, is a long, long way from Hartford. Let's keep our brothers and sisters at Bishop Seabury Church in our prayers. Slow train coming.

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Alice C. Linsley said...

Pray for these clergy. Fr. Ron Gauss is an outstanding priest! The Diocese of CT looks more ridiculous everyday and is losing the few friends it still has in the pews. It hardly matters as long as they get to keep the property.

Compare this Bishop's vindictive approach to the compassionate approach of Bishop Howe in reference to Trinity Vero Beach. There is have a win-win arrangement.