Friday, December 29, 2006

"The realignment crowd will try to infect us with the dysfunction ... in the hope for a coup d’eglise. "

Mark Harris figures it out - we're all an "infection" and he wants none of it. Reading his posting brought to mind an old classic Star Trek episode. Now we know what progressive Episcopalians think of us - we're infecting the church. And it's all the missionaries fault.

LATER: The term "coup d’eglise" has a rather interesting connotation. A takeoff on "coup d’etat" it is often used to denote a conspiracy of international proportions, usually from the Left (and often focuses on the usual conspiracy targets, you know who they are). It's TinFoil Hat Time. But me, I'd rather watch old episodes of Star Trek.


Anonymous said...

All you BB fans have to read her response to Mark Harris, "Escargot on a Bun", it's a classic!!!!!

As for Mark Harris, here's someone else trying to use history to explain what has happened. What part are they missing? This is a theological debate. Why are the members of TEC stepping around that? Certainly the Bible can be used to support their point. Whether you agree or disagree with that point is not the issue for me. What the issue for me is why aren't they addressing the theology? More and more it seems like a throw it all at the wall and see what sticks approach. Maybe they think if they muddy up the waters enough the real issues will go away?

Let's hope that 2007 brings back some sense of civility, because calling the "other side" an infection certainly doesn't help anything!

Anonymous said...

"Escargot on a bun"- perfect- the elitist food of the intelligentia! Loved the comparison- it's so true- brand names matter- if you're branded one thing but serve something else- well folks quit buying your product.