Wednesday, December 06, 2006

The Radiant Character of God

I was posting over at Stand Firm and while working on the posting, I came across this sermon by Bishop Festo Kivengere and it is so extraordinary, hearing it has done more to lift not only my spirits but my soul. This is a bishop of the church - and when he visited Truro over twenty years ago, his preaching changed not only the life of my parish, but my life as well. I share this sermon with you.

I can't believe I've come across it - it is answered prayer in the most profound way. The Lord is so good. I am just amazed.


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david+ said...

I'm just coming to the conclusion and I echo your remarks. I am amazed and awed. What a message! What hope! What a glorious ray of hope from our much more glorious past. May God restore us through the faithful preaching and ministry of the spiritual descendants of Festo! Thanks for finding and posting this. I am truly blessed by it. I'm "tuned up and focused" now!