Sunday, December 17, 2006

Amazing Day

I write from the "Common Grounds" at Truro where we just finished the press conference covering the historic vote today at The Falls Church and Truro. It was a jammed-paced room with media. I have video of it which I will put up as soon as I can (but Anglican TV is here and is doing a great job, far better than my hand-held iSight, but we try).

The numbers are staggering - you'll see them soon. But it was a day I shall never forget. More to come.



Karen B. said...

Anglican TV's video of the Truro announcement is now online


Karen B. said...

According to Jim Oakes (Truro Sr. Warden)

the vote totals:

Resolution 1 to sever ties with ECUSA:
1010 for 85 against

Resolution 2 to allow the side that wins the majority of the vote to keep the property:

1034 for
55 against

Anonymous said...

So only two thirds of the ASA voted to leave? And less than 1/2 its baptised memebers?

Karen B. said...

Truro's ASA for 2004 was reported at about 1300 (see ECUSA Congregational Development Chart page.)
so 1095 voters would be 84% of ASA

Truro typically has lots of weekly attenders who are not members. For instance George Mason students, etc.

I would imagine if you asked, Baby Blue could give the exact figure on the number of eligible voters. I would be interested in seeing that myself.

Karen B. said...

I don't know the exact formula / criteria which Truro used to determine active member / eligible voter.

But perhaps it might be helpful to provide info as to how baptized members are defined according to ECUSA's parochial report worksheet:

“All persons who have received the Sacrament of Holy Baptism with water in the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit, whether in this Church or in another Christian Church, and whose Baptisms have been duly recorded in this Church,” are members thereof. (Canon I.17.1)

and this:
Active Baptized Members defined: Any person whose baptism is recorded in the Register of Church Membership and Rites (Parish Register) and contributes to or participates in the worship and communal life of the reporting congregation, regardless of how much or how little, should be considered active and counted in this report.

Based on the above, I would think that baptized children are counted as "baptized members." And yet, according to Truro's bylaws and related to Virginia law, I think, I seem to remember reading that only those 16 or older were eligible to vote.

And ASA includes children too if they participate in part of the service (or attend a separate church school service):

To obtain the average Sunday attendance for the year, compute (add up) the total number of persons (children and adults) who attended all public Sunday services (include Saturday evening Eucharists if they are considered Sunday services). Do not include those persons who attended Church School but did not attend any part of the Sunday service or a scheduled Sunday service for Church School students.

Probably the figure we really want to know is # voters / adult (age 16+) communicants in good standing.