Sunday, December 24, 2006

"Every Who down in Whoville was singing ...." How could it be so?

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kevin said...

Merry Christmas from Virginia!

(Many may not be aware but UVA claims to be Whoville [Quicky link I found]. So I was slightly humored BB's choice for her Christmas Eve message since the eye of many have been on our Commonwealth recently.


What good is it that Christ was born 2,000 years ago if he is not born now in your heart? --Meister Eckhart

"But it is into this broken world that a child is born who is called Son of the Most High, Prince of Peace, Savior." – Henri Nouwen, The Road to Daybreak

“Hey. . . HEY! Unto you a child is born!" —The Best Christmas Pageant Ever


Merry Christmas all and peace be with you and your family this season.