Tuesday, December 19, 2006

BabyBlueOnline Nominated for Four Anglican Blog Awards

BabyBlueOnline has been nominated for four Anglican Blog Awards, including Best Overall, Best New Blog, Best General Convention Coverage, and Best Individual Blogger.

BabyBlue has fainted and is lying under her table at Starbucks. But the chai was saved.

Voting remains open until Dec. 31. Winners to be announced Jan 2. Click on the banner to vote.

NOTE FROM BB: Does this mean BabyBlue may get to go to a party? Vote for BabyBlueOnline if you think she needs a life. That may be something that folks from all theological, political, and musical persuasions may agree. If BabyBlueOnline wins an "Angie" Award, BabyBlue will wear her brand new leopard skin pillbox hat.

But seriously, what makes this so fun and so worthwhile are the friendships - the countless friendships - that have sprung up and have been strengthened over this last year. A blog is only a good as its readers - but Bob Dylan helps.


Anonymous said...

we need some pics of you and your hats

Anonymous said...

Way to go BB!!!!! Can non-Anglicans vote for you???

Anonymous said...

Okay I just answered my own question, yes we can! Come on all you BB fans let's get on that site and vote for our favorite blogger!

Anonymous said...

Where does one vote? and how? is a standing commitee required?

As of Sunday, I've become a Anglican-freedman and I like this voting thing.

Anonymous said...

Who, pray tell, did the nominating?

Anonymous said...

babyblue -- can you help me? I tried to vote, but got the message that they had already received a vote from this computer, but that isn't even possible.

Then when I try to join Stand Firm, I get a crazy error message that makes no sense to me, but I cannot contack them about it because you have to join first! This is the meassage:
I cannot connect to the database because: Access denied for user 'griffith_signee'@'localhost' (using password: YES)
Who is griffith? And how on earth do I fix this?

Peace, and best wishes on the vote! :D

Anonymous said...

Stand Firm was having some problems yesterday, another commentor noted that on the Awards post. You may want to try it agian later today.