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Remembering the Ackerman Resolution

BB Note: Sarah Hey sent this, reminding us of the "other" important vote at General Convention 2003. While much of the focus at Minneapolis was on the affirmation of Gene Robinson for bishop of New Hampshire and endorsing local option for same sex blessings, Keith Ackerman's Resolution (B001) was a watershed vote in the Episcopal Church. Three years later, it is perhaps more important now than ever.

From Sarah:

During all the chaos of General Convention 2003, one resolution was
quite useful. It was resolution B001 and was an attempt to leave the
convention with an affirmation of what we as Episcopalians believe.

Interestingly enough, it failed to pass. But . . . there was a roll
call vote, and so we have on the record who voted for the resolution,
and who voted against. Some have said that this was the most
important action of that General Convention.

Just to remind, it started as a voice vote, late in the day, and,
then, being ruled as defeated by the chair, Bp Ackerman called for a
roll vote, which is how we know who voted how:"

Read the resolution below and see what you think about it -- as well
as who voted for and against it.


Resolution B001

Topic/Title: Doctrine: Endorse Certain Historic Anglican Doctrines
and Policies

Proposer: The Rt. Rev. Keith L. Ackerman (Quincy)

Resolved, the House of _____ concurring, That this 74th General
Convention affirms that “Holy Scripture all things necessary to
salvation: so that whatsoever is not read therein, nor may be proved
thereby, is not to be required of any man, that it should be believed
as an article of the Faith, or be thought requisite or necessary to
salvation,” as set forth in Article VI of the Articles of Religion
established by the General Convention on September 12, 1801; and be
it further

Resolved, That this 74th General Convention re-affirms that “it is
not lawful for the Church to ordain [that is, establish or enact] any
thing that is contrary to God’s Word written, neither may it so
expound one place of Scripture, that it be repugnant to another,” as
set forth in Article XX of the Articles of Religion established by
the General Convention on September 12, 1801; and be it further

Resolved, That this 74th General Convention affirms that every member
of this Church is conscience-bound first of all to obey the teaching
and direction of Our Lord Jesus Christ as set forth in Holy Scripture
in any matter where a decision or action of this Church, or this
General Convention, may depart from that teaching; and be it further

Resolved, That this 74th General Convention re-affirms that the
statements known as the Chicago- of 1886, 1888, as set forth in the
Book of Common Prayer, 1979 continue to be true and accurate
statements of the faith and policy of this Church, and the Anglican
Communion; and be it further

Resolved, That this 74th General Convention affirms that councils of
the Church have, and sometimes will, err but that Our Lord Jesus
Christ, present through the person of the Holy Spirit, can and will
correct such error; and be it further

Resolved, That this 74th General Convention directs the Office of the
Presiding Bishop to forward a copy of this resolution to every
Diocese within the Episcopal Church.


Recent General Conventions have been asked to consider significant
changes affecting matter of historic faith, morals, and discipline in
our Church, in some cases bringing public ridicule to our Church.
Some members have therefore become discouraged, and others have left
this Church. Many Members who remain faithful to this Church seek
reassurance that they will not be coerced to act against conscience
in matter of historic belief and practice, seeking healing rather
than further fragmentation or our Church.
The resolution: re-affirms Holy Scripture as the foundation of
authority in our Church, re-affirms historic positions adopted by
previous General Conventions and affirms that no member of this
Church shall be forced to practice anything contrary to the clear
meaning of holy scripture.

Those Who Voted For the Resolution

1. , Bishop of Quincy.
2. , Bishop of Western Kansas.
3. , Bishop of Honduras.
4. , Bishop of Southern Virginia.
5. , Bishop of Springfield.
6. , Bishop Suffragan of Albany.
7. , Bishop of Pennsylvania.
8. , Retired Bishop of Texas.
9. , Assisting Bishop of Pennsylvania and Retired Bishop of Connecticut.
10. , Canon Missioner and Assisting Bishop of Texas.
11. , Bishop of Central Gulf Coast.
12. , Bishop of Pittsburgh.
13. , Bishop of Colombia.
14. , Bishop of Haiti.
15. , Bishop for Ecumenical Relations.
16. , Retired Bishop of North Dakota.
17. , Bishop of West Texas.
18. , Bishop of Southeast Florida.
19. , Bishop of Michigan.
20. , Bishop of Mississippi.
21. , Retired Bishop of Northern Indiana and Assistant Bishop of
22. , Bishop of Eastern Oregon.
23. , Retired Bishop of Pittsburgh.
24. , Bishop of Upper South Carolina.
25. , Bishop of Tennessee.
26. , Bishop of Albany.
27. , Bishop Suffragan of West Texas.
28. , Bishop of Dominican Republic.
29. , Bishop of Central Florida.
30. , Bishop of San Diego.
31. , Bishop of Fort Worth.
32. , Bishop of Fond du Lac.
33. , Bishop of Florida.
34. , Bishop of Louisiana.
35. , Bishop of West Tennessee.
36. , Bishop Suffragan of Virginia.
37. , Bishop of West Virginia.
38. , Bishop of Northern California.
39. , Bishop of Southwest Florida.
40. , Bishop of Northern Indiana.
41. , Bishop of Georgia.
42. , Bishop of Alaska.
43. , Bishop of Western Louisiana.
44. , Bishop of Oklahoma.
45. , Bishop of Northwest Texas.
46. , Bishop Suffragan of the Armed Services, Healthcare, and Prisons.
47. , Bishop of Alabama.
48. , Bishop of Navajoland.
49. , Retired Bishop of Native American Ministries.
50. , Retired Bishop of Kentucky.
51. , Resigned Bishop Suffragan of Connecticut and Retired Bishop
Assisting with The Convocation of American Churches in Europe.
52. , Bishop of South Carolina.
53. , Assistant Bishop of Pittsburgh.
54. , Bishop of Western Massachusetts.
55. , Bishop of Easton.
56. , Bishop of New York.
57. , Bishop Suffragan of South Carolina.
58. , Bishop of Dallas.
59. , Bishop of Southern Ohio.
60. , Bishop of East Tennessee.
61. , Retired Bishop of Eau Claire.
62. , Bishop Suffragan in Charge of The Convocation of American
Churches in Europe.
63. , Bishop of Eau Claire.
64. , Bishop of Texas.
65. , Bishop of Rhode Island.
66. , Retired Bishop of San Diego.

Those Who Voted Against the Resolution

1. , Bishop of Central New York.
2. , Bishop of Atlanta.
3. , Retired Bishop of Minnesota.
4. , Bishop Suffragan of Alabama.
5. , Bishop of Idaho.
6. , Retired Bishop of Pennsylvania.
7. , Bishop of Los Angeles.
8. , Bishop of Wyoming.
9. , Assisting Bishop of Los Angeles.
10. , Bishop Suffragan of Massachusetts.
11. , Bishop of Washington.
12. , Bishop of Hawaii.
13. , Assisting Bishop of California and Retired Bishop of Utah.
14. , Former Bishop of Alaska, President & Dean of Episcopal Divinity
15. , Bishop of Central Pennsylvania.
16. , Bishop of Newark.
17. , Bishop Suffragan of Connecticut.
18. , Bishop of North Carolina.
19. , Bishop of East Carolina.
20. , Retired Bishop Suffragan of Washington.
21. , Retired Bishop of New Jersey.
22. , Bishop of Vermont.
23. , Bishop Suffragan of Southern Virginia.
24. , Bishop of Western New York.
25. , Bishop of Western Michigan.
26. , Bishop Suffragan of North Carolina.
27. , Bishop of Ohio.
28. , Bishop of Kentucky.
29. , Resigned Bishop Suffragan of Minnesota and Retired Assisting
Bishop of Olympia.
30. , Retired Bishop Suffragan of Massachusetts and Assisting Bishop
of Washington.
31. , Bishop Suffragan of Massachusetts.
32. , Bishop of West Missouri.
33. , Bishop of Maryland.
34. , Bishop of Utah.
35. , Bishop of Nevada.
36. , Bishop of Minnesota.
37. , Retired Bishop of North Carolina.
38. , Bishop of Western North Carolina.
39. , Bishop of Northern Michigan.
40. , Interim Bishop of Montana and Retired Bishop Suffragan of Armed
41. , Bishop of Maine.
42. , Bishop of Nebraska.
43. , Bishop of Oregon.
44. , Bishop Taiwan.
45. , Bishop of Eastern Michigan.
46. , Retired Bishop of Mississippi.
47. , Bishop of Bethlehem.
48. , Resigned Bishop Suffragan of Virginia and Director of the
Office of Pastoral Development.
49. , Bishop of Arkansas.
50. , Bishop of Rochester.
51. , Bishop Suffragan of Long Island.
52. , Bishop of Litoral Ecuador.
53. , Resigned Bishop of Panama and Assisting Bishop of Southeast
54. , Bishop of Chicago.
55. , Bishop of Southwestern Virginia.
56. , Bishop Suffragan of Southern Ohio.
57. , Bishop Suffragan of Maryland.
58. , Bishop Suffragan of Connecticut.
59. , Retired Bishop of Iowa.
60. , Bishop Suffragan of New York.
61. , Bishop of Northwestern Pennsylvania.
62. , Bishop of Lexington.
63. , Resigned Bishop Suffragan of Panama, Assisting Bishop of Chicago.
64. , Bishop of Iowa.
65. , Bishop of Arizona.
66. , Bishop of Massachusetts.
67. , Bishop of El Camino Real.
68. , Bishop of Kansas.
69. , Bishop of Connecticut.
70. , Bishop of Missouri.
71. , Retired Bishop of Vermont.
72. , Bishop of California.
73. , Bishop Suffragan of Los Angeles.
74. , Retired Bishop of Delaware.
75. , Retired Bishop Suffragan of Pennsylvania.
76. , Retired Bishop of Southern Virginia.
77. , Bishop of Spokane.
78. , Bishop of Long Island.
79. , Retired Bishop of Connecticut.
80. , Bishop of Indianapolis.
81. , Retired Bishop Suffragan of North Carolina.
82. , Interim Director of Ethnic Ministries at the Episcopal Church
Center and Retired Bishop Suffragan of Ohio.
83. , Bishop of Colorado.
84. , Bishop of Delaware.

Those Who Abstained

1. , Retired Bishop of Los Angeles.
2. , Retired Bishop of West Missouri.
3. , Retired Bishop of Arkansas and Assisting Bishop of New York.
4. , Retired Bishop of New York.
5. , Retired Bishop of Southwest Florida.
6. , Bishop of Virginia.
7. , Retired Bishop of Southern Virginia.
8. , Retired Bishop of Nebraska.

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