Friday, May 12, 2006

Friday at Shrine Mont

Greetings from one of the most beautiful places in Virginia - Orkney Springs and home of Shrine Mont. I am writing from the lobby of the hotel (also known as Virginia House). We've just had opening worship and welcome in the pavilion and now people are scattered about, unpacking, visiting, playing games, taking night walks, and catching up. I am sitting by the window and thinking about the day. We had our Vestry Retreat (started last night and continued through today) which concluded with a Eucharist. It's was a great day.

The enthusiasm and energy of the people of Truro at this retreat is just amazing. This is one happy bunch! There are tons of kids here as well as all ages of adults, young, sort of young, old, older - single, married, just everything - a cross spectrum of the Truro community. And the weather is fantastic today - clear and comfortable. Even tonight it didn't get too cold. Of course we were singing songs that required a lot of action - a lot of jumping up and down. I am not sure we looked very Episcopalian.

Since we're going through the 40 Days of Purpose, the "Aloha Shirt" has become quite the fashion statement following in the steps of Rick Warren and his Aloha shirt that we're seeing in the videos. All the Shrine Mont team have Aloha shirts and they gave shirts to the clergy. A group of women also sewed special Hawaiian-style stoles for the more liturgical-minded which we expect to see in use on Sunday mornings during the 40 Days. It's just really fun!

I am singing with the praise band which is really a blessing as well. With all the different projects I am involved in I haven't been able to sing in the choir, so this opportunity to sing with the gang again is very special. We're singing new songs - many of them learned from the youth group - which is also terrific. Tonight while we sang the children and youth came forward and did all the hand motions and jumping and how could we not join in? It was loads of fun - and praising God all at the same time. I hope He was pleased. It's all for Him.



Anonymous said...

I do miss Shrinemont since I left the Diocese. Thanks for the trip
down Memory Lane. Was rector of a church and vicar of another, and I always looked forward to the time in the mountains. Love your blog and your comments elsewhere. I still laugh when I once suggested on T19 that +Florida was headed down Highway 69 and you responded that that was actually outside of Minneapolis. Keep up the good work. Yrs in Christ, C. Alling, Maine

Karen B. said...

Can't believe it's a year already...

Wish I could've been there.
Hold on to this joy in the days ahead dear sister!