Wednesday, May 17, 2006

HP Book Seven - Title Coming Soon?

Great letter from JK Rowling to one of her readers named Ryan. I've posted it here. In Ryan's letter to Jo he told her about some of his theories regarding Book 7. They were:

Harry is a Horcrux. RAB is Regulus Black. Dumbledore is not dead. Snape is good. Harry will succeed in destroying the remaining horcruxes but will be faced with a dilemma when he learns that he himself is one. Harry will be killed by Voldermort who will believe he has won, but then Neville Longbottom will step forward and finish the Dark Lord off once and for all.

Jo Rowling wrote "As for your theories, I'm certainly not laughing." So some of his theories may be correct - but which ones?


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bikewhistler said...

Mary, You must laugh today