Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Wednesday Morning at the Cafe: Dylan's One Too Many Mornings

From a haunting 1988 performance of his 1964 composition. Didn't even recognize it at first, being more familiar with the defiant 1966 tour version, where we see his beat-style phrasing of the lyrics. There's also the anthem-like 1976 tour version which floods the stage with his bravo confidence that barely masks a rage-fueled Hard Rain performance. The matter-of-fact and thoughtful original - which is from his folk period and before he introduced his unique phrasing - is here. This 1988 tour version leaves the sarcasm and rage out, replacing them with a far more sorrowful lament of the original (which seems to have continued - such as in this reflective 1999 tour version - since then) with a complete rephrasing from the 66 and 76 editions, as though adding his own thousand miles to the simplicity of the acoustic performance and making it far more powerful.

To see what makes Dylan so fascinating is to see this one song (and there are many, many other versions of it) completely reinterpreted over the years.

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