Saturday, March 14, 2009

Now who said that?

“The lie can travel halfway round the world,” Bob Dylan quoted Mark Twain on an excellent recent episode of his Theme Time Radio Hour, “while the truth is still putting on its shoes.”

“And in the end,” Dylan said, “you discover that the truth will always set you free.” Now who said that?


Tregonsee said...

St. John.

Anonymous said...

Christ said that, in John 8:32

Anonymous said...

Baby Blue,
Isn't there a phase where Bob Dylan was (still is) a Christian? I believe he is an ethnic Jew. I had a copy of his first album "Freewheelin". On it he had a song about a guy with a gun trying to keep him off his property. In his autobiography he talked about so many intrusive folks that he made the same threat. How ironic! Dcn Dale

BabyBlue said...

Yes, he became a Christian in the late 1970s. He made some overtly Christian albums through the 1980s and married a Christian Gospel singer. Since those years when asked about his faith he points people to his music lexicon, that he believes in the songs. So we look to the songs, he hasn't disavowed any of his Christian songs and still performs them. But as a Christian, his music today denotes a wisdom, so deep he is amusing. But the question of his personal faith remains a mystery, we have to go the songs. He drops hints a lot on his Radio Show and he loves Gospel music. His own Gospel compositions have gone through a renaissance in recent years, with the release of Gospel musicians performing Dylan's Gospel Songs, which are holding up extraordinarily well.

I don't think there's much evidence that Dylan is a pacifist. He's never really hidden his support for Israel either. But he just won't get into the politics. It's the songs, it's all about the songs. The songs are his lexicon, his theology.


Anonymous said...

My favorite songs are his early years especially "Girl from the North Country" and "Bob Dylan's Dream" Dcn Dale