Saturday, October 07, 2006

WOMBAT Scores In: E

Those of us who live in a world where we know the Prime Minister is not having the best days of late due to the War, but not the War of Terror (but perhaps a war on terror of a different kind), are in the midst of receiving their results from their WOMBATs. I was sure I did dreadfully and would receive a D, or perhaps even a T (for Troll), but possibly a P. The questions this time were very hard - and the questions were for judgment rather than trivia (which made it really fun too!). The results are above. Exceed Expectations. So if the church stuff goes down the drain, there's always Hogwarts (at least until You Know Who moves in - which seems soon). Wands at the Ready!

And when is Book 7 coming out, Jo????


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