Monday, October 09, 2006

Uh Oh - Belmont Club asks "Was North Korea testing a 'suitcase nuke'?

Okay, so maybe I'm watching too much of James Bond (and anticipating the new film coming out soon) - but this is interesting speculation (as the US hasn't even verified that the explosion was a nuke because it was so small). But a suitcase nuke - suddenly North Korea becomes a player in the War on Terror. Not a happy thought. We've been told to prepare here in DC for quite a while (we have conference rooms labeled "safe rooms" and supplies to last for several days since the DHS view is that we would all "shelter in place" rather than run out of the building and head for the hills). You read stuff like what the Belmont Club is posting and it does seem plausible, though rather unnerving. It is amazing we haven't had an attack on American soil for five years (thank you GWB!). And like the British with Winston Churchill after World War II (and the dawn of the Cold War) are the American People tiring of all this war and want to forget about it and send the current administration packing? This suitcase nuke-thingy is a troubling thought. Hope the White House can clarify what exactly that mad man in North Korea is up to. And let's keep those suitcases in the attic.

Click on the headline above to read Belmont Club's speculations. Tin Foil Hats are optional.

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