Friday, October 13, 2006

Breaking News: Panel of Reference releases a report on New Windsor Appeal

Here's the report:

Click on the headline above to hear another version of it (make sure you click the red button that says "click here to play").

More in-depth analysis coming soon. Big time Tinfoil Hat Tip to the beloved pirates at StandFirm.

But here's Reflection #1: Are they out of the mind?

It is clear that this group thinks that there is only one show in town and if you are Anglican you march to the drummer (no matter how awful the drummer actually is) or get out of the band (I must still have Binky and the Elves on my mind). What layperson in their right mind is going to take out their wallet or pocketbook and support this deal? If the Church of Canada were a Company they'd be bankrupt (isn't the church actually sort-of bankrupt anyway, one way or the other?). Why would anyone want to support this institution with their finances? Is that good stewardship?

It is clear that this panel just doesn't get it. These recommendations are like telling the wife - who has gone through years of habitual philandering by her unfaithful husband - to get over it and trust her husband anyway.

What planet did this panel deliberate on? Major Tom? Major Tom? Major Tom?


PS - If you do click on the headline above, enjoy the entire playlist. Blame it on P Street. Can we go now?

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