Wednesday, October 18, 2006

He could have stayed home and sat on a fence


Daniel Stoddart said...

Thank God he didn't. I recently finished reading Flexner's bio of Washington. The personal risks Washington took, and the degree to which his own personal future and fortune were tied up in that of the Revolution, indicate a level of dedication and courage that I'm afraid we've forgotten today.

Unknown said...

Excellent points, wycliff - these days remind us why it is that Washington is still admired, respected, and honored centuries after this amazing accomplishments. He inspired his troops - and then the American people - to get off their own perverbial fences and have courage to do the right thing. Even old enemies show enormous respect for him. I remember being in Trafalgar Square in London and walking up to the National Gallery of Art. There stood the statue of a great man to greet all who entered - and who was it? George Washington.

Thanks for posting!