Sunday, October 08, 2006

And how many times may a man turn his head and pretend that he just doesn't see?

Click on the headline above for an awesome live recording of Dylan singing his classic, "Blowing in the Wind" five years ago. It is more of a plea of hope then a protest of rage, more of a prayer then a demand, more of a call of faith, then a claim to knowledge.

I saw some photos posted online this weekend by those who oppose the Windsor Report's request of The Episcopal Church. Their photos are still up at their websites, two of which are websites of ordained Episcopal clergy. I am surprised that those photos still remain up, even after many pleas by orthodox Episcopalians for them to take them down for their overt racist content (that's right, they are up on so-called "liberal/progressive" Episcopal clergy sites). But still they remain. I saw the subject of their racist satire this morning when I arrived for church, he has no idea what these Episcopal clergy have done to ridicule him in such a derogatory way and I didn't tell him. But seeing him full of the joy of the Lord, for hope he has in Jesus Christ, and the passion he has for the Gospel, and the dedication he has to God's people - the contrast between what I saw this morning and what I see online now is so stark, so definite, that it so clear that the name "Episcopal" has been put to such shame.

So sit back with me and listen to Bob Dylan ask the questions better than I can, the questions I ask tonight as we are now halfway through the 40 Days of Discernment.

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