Monday, October 02, 2006

"Blessed are those who have not seen and yet have believed," Jesus told his disciples.

Why did I pull the Truro Newsgram letter on Friday?

I felt that it was appropriate that the first "official" information really should come from the Bishop of Virginia, Peter Lee. While the Newsgram is public (it's released via e-mail to the parish), in this case I felt it was more of a pastoral letter from the rector conveying good news to the people of Truro. While we had a promise of agreement, I thought it prudent to wait until it was confirmed. While we are very much in an "instant messaging" culture (and it was very hard not to post over the weekend on the topic directly), it seemed to me that the wisest course was to wait.

Yes, blessed are those who have not seen, but believed. But, like Thomas, I needed to see before I believed.

The earlier posting on Thomas, alas, was aimed at me.

And Jesus is right, "blessed are those who have not seen and yet have believed." That kind of blessing takes trust - trust in one another, but ultimately trust in the Lord, where our true confidence resides.

We are truly on 40 Days of Discernment at Truro. It's the real deal. Make no mistake about it.

Discernment Lesson #1: Pray to have confidence in the Lord. His promises are trustworthy and no matter what happens, He will not break His promise.

Discernment Lesson #2 - Pray that His will be done and have confidence to trust His will as we read, mark, learn and inwardly digest His Word.

Discernment Lesson #3 - Pray to have faith in what we cannot see, as well as what can see. Clarity, true clarity belongs to the Lord. We see now through a glass darkly. Have confidence in the faith which is living inside the Lord's people, broken pots that we are. While we are weak - and we are - He is strong. It is the faith, the Gospel of the Risen Lord Jesus Christ that we place our trust - He will not let us down.

Discernment Lesson #4 - Jesus was kind to Thomas. While He pointed out the obvious - that blessed are those who have faith, He does not reject Thomas' need for clarity and assurance. I sure thank God for that. I am grateful that we serve a Lord who is kind and compassionate in our uncertainties. Perhaps that's right where He wants us: to have confidence not in what we know - but in who we know.

"Blessed are those who have not seen and yet have believed," Jesus said. No need for tinfoil hats.


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Mark Harris said...

bb...what a thoughtful and prayerful person you are. thanks for the update.
I had a great deal of delight in trying to figure out why you posted the story of Jesus and Thomas, and assumed it was directed at all of us who wondered what had happened. You said the posting was aimed at you, (by you I presume) and it made me remember too that mostly we think of particular chunks of the Gospel when we need them, not when others need them.

Liked your Discernment Lessons..particularly #4.

You are sometimes querky, but this time on target.

Thank you.

ps. why did the curser for that panel only direct me to the Leaky Cauldron?