Friday, October 27, 2006

Let's just watch the Soprano's - not try to be them

Episcopal Diocese of Washington Communications Director Jim Naughton posts why he's in favor of his version of "amicable separation." He writes, "If allowing provincial leaders to cross provincial boundaries to minister to theological minorities is the cost of keeping the Communion together so that is members can cooperate in mission, I don't think that is too high a price to pay--assuming that other provinces were willing to acknowledge that they had theological minorities. "

Notice the kicker-phrase at the end. What he's calling for is a free-for-all-anything-goes scenario. Sure, you can come on over here and support disenfranchised Episcopalian minority who agree with the majority of the Anglican Communion on biblical truth - but if you do, we're coming over to your house and bringing our heretical view of scripture into your church.

The thing is - I don't think that the majority of the Episcopal progressive activists really have any intention of getting on to planes, taking the time or the energy to fly into Africa, live there, get to know the people, and share their progressive brand of the episcopalianism. No, it's a subtle threat and if the orthodox turn them down - the progressives will cry "Injustice! Unfair! Schismatics! Blue Meanies!"

See, it's not really amicable - it's still threatening to our brothers and sisters abroad. As they dare to stand up for the Gospel of Jesus Christ as revealed in Scripture and Anglican teaching through the centuries, they now know there are Episcopal leaders who are seeking to fight back by threatening a free-for-all-anything-goes strategy in their churches as well. It's not enough to break down the Episcopal Church by endorsing immoral lifestyles and call them blessed, and when we're done here we're coming to your house and do the same thing. Okay, so you have millions of Anglicans worshiping Jesus now, but we can take care of that and bring the same wonderful blessing on your church as we've done on ours. You too can have empty churches, empty pews, and empty theology just like us - and yes, we'll call that amicable.

Sorry, Jim - but this bait and switch. Truth is truth and if we want to push our new-and-improved American brand of truth on the rest of the world, well, the progressives are far better than anyone to call that what it is - progressive imperialism.

Tony Soprano, though, might just say "Let me figure out how to take care of you."


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Not sure I agree bb. Fair's fair, so lets have a 'competition' between Baal and God. Not sure that we could prevent it anyway.