Sunday, April 11, 2010

This week at the Cafe

We're playing this one on I-95 South. If you hear it, wave.


Anonymous said...

BB, how about posting John Yates' letter to TFC about Tuesday and the prayer gathering?

Anonymous said...

How far south are you coming, BB?


Anonymous said...


As bb may be out of the reach of electrons, I assume she is on her way to Richmond to observe the arguments presented by TEC to the VA Supreme Court.

The CANA churches responses are written. I believe the only verbals will be from the TEC/DioVA side.


Anonymous said...

Thanks, RalphM. I realized it later - but wish she COULD be coming our way for more fun reasons. Being a Floridian, I hear "I-95" and "South" and figure everyone is heading this way.... ;-)

Prayerfully and hopefully, her trip back will be much "lighter".

The Lakeland Two.