Sunday, March 04, 2007

Uh oh ...

From the Press Conference today following the meeting of the Executive Council of the Episcopal Church:

Matt Kennedy: In your recent talk at the Church Center you seemed to suggest that the primates in Tanzania were simply asking the Episcopal Church to refrain from authorizing same sex blessings but that this did not represent a call to stop same sex blessings altogether. But in his speech before the Synod of the Church of England the Archbishop of Canterbury said: (the understanding of the Meeting was certainly that this should be a comprehensive abstention from any public rites), how would you reconcile your characterization with this?

Katharine Jefferts Schori: There were indeed a handful of primates who would like to see an utter end to same sex blessings, but I think the bulk would like to see the validity of the current private practice. There was certainly a variety of opinions, but I think in the communiqué we were being asked to not to authorize.

Ah yes, the old "Don't Ask, Don't Tell Trick." Right, Chief? Right, Max.

No wonder KJS's signed the Communique. The "validity of the current private practice?" So words can mean anything we want - and who gets to decide? Read the rest at Stand Firm.

And Cornelius Fudge, call your office.

NOTE: Click on the headline above for "When you gonna to wake up?" by Bob Dylan (Slow Train Coming, 1979), live performance (1989). Tip of the Tinfoil Hat to RWB. Glad you're back.

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Kevin said...

Oh this is refreshing!! After what her last public statement, with BB described as lat night on PBS or Nixon goes to China but I personally love Leslie's car salesman comparison, I find it refreshing that she's coming out of the closet and sharing what she really thinks again.