Sunday, February 06, 2011

Remembering Ronald Reagan (1911-2004)

Today is Ronald Reagan's 100th birthday.  I still remember when I heard him give a speech in the fall of 1979 - it had a profound and lasting affect on the direction of my life.   Happy Birthday, Mr. President. And thank you.


Kelso said...

The only president I ever loved. The only presidential candidate I ever WANTED to vote for...all the others I voted for because they were the LESSER of two evils...but not you, Ronaldus Magnus. God's blessing on you - sleep well, hero.

Anonymous said...

I had the great privilege of working in the Reagan Administration in a context that occasionally (but not frequently) brought me into the presence of Mr. Reagan. My enduring impression of him is how utterly natural he was around other people. He was extremely gracious and considerate of others, and it all seemed (because it was) absolutely sincere. I suspect very few of our politicians with national ambitions are as secure in their own persona as was Ronald Reagan. One reason for this, is that he had found his identity in other fields of endeavour before entering politics. So many politicians today have done very little besides running for office. If you trip over one of those types, avoid them like pestilence, regardless of their party affiliations or professed ideology. Look for people who have done something else successfully before entering politics.


Unknown said...

I so agree with you on this, Scout. On this, we are very much in agreement - and I am glad. :)