Thursday, February 17, 2011

Archbishop Daniel Deng Bul elected to Primates Standing Committee

Yesterday the Anglican Communion Office announced that The Most Revd Dr Daniel Deng Bul, Archbishop of the Sudan, was elected to serve on the Primates Standing Committee representing all the provinces in Africa, even though he did not attend the Primates Meeting in Ireland.  Presiding Bishop Katharine Jefferts Schori was also re-elected representing the Americas, however she will not be attending the next meeting due to a scheduling conflict with the Episcopal House of Bishops.  It will be interesting to see how Bishop Schori responds to Archbishop Daniel at these meetings in the future.

Here Archbishop Daniel addresses the media at a press conference at Lambeth 2008 in the newsroom after Lambeth Conference officials would not grant him the use of the Press Conference facility.  The Episcopal Church worked hard to lobby the Sudanese bishops for Lambeth 2008, but to no avail. The Church in the Sudan would not be moved.


Wilf said...

Had the Standing Committee elected someone other than +KJS for the Americas, there would have been some chance at primates representing most of the Communion joining the Standing Committee.

It seems here that a conscious choice was made to exclude provinces which have decided that their leaders should not meet with +KJS - meaning half of the Communion when we count people-wise, and not church-political wise.

Wilf said...

We also have confirmation that the ACNS was dissembling the reason for at least one Primate's non-attendance - the Primate of Kenya did have another appointment in his diary, but because he had specifically told the ABC that he would not be attending if +KJS was there. So he did not fail to show "because" of the diary conflict - given his decision, it is irrelevant if he had something else to do or not - and it's highly unlikely that a busy Primate would leave all these days in his agenda unbooked. Reported here.

Thus, more signs of manipulation and deceit on the part of the Instruments.